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You Can Turn Your Ideas Into A Short Films

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Turning your ideas into a short film can be really cumbersome especially when you don’t know the real techniques of this field. When formulating your idea and making a short film out of it, various factors need to be considered. One must know the basics of short filmmaking and having a good team is equally important.

For someone who is completely new to this, the following 10 step guide can be helpful.

  • The purpose: The purpose of the story is very important. So think about it first. Research a lot on your purpose. Try searching for different keywords and note down every idea that pops up.
  • Planning: Plan every detail about your story. The theme, the cast, the budget, the shooting, the location,, everything must be planned in advance. It saves a lot of your efforts and time in the end.
  • Casting: Search for the best cast for your short film. Take professionals, only if you can afford. A good cast can help you gain popularity in no time. The performance of the film depends on upon the performance of the cast in it.
  • Crew: After choosing the right cast, choose the right crew. Efforts of a lot of people are involved in every successful film. Therefore, the future outcomes depend on upon the crew members. Link all the people together and maintain coordination and cooperation.
  • Supervision: When you are done with the people and of course the script, find someone else to supervise the script for you. A third person can look at the script from an altogether different angle and help you find errors and improve.
  • Equipment: Gather all the required equipment for filming. The cameras, video making software, editing tools, sound boxes, sound mixers, gather everything that you need.
  • Scheduling: Always prepare a timetable or a schedule for all the tasks. Mention the required time and deadlines against each task so that no delay occurs and every task is completed on time.
  • Backup plans: When it comes to technology, no one can rely upon devices. Any of your essential can go off anytime and all your important can be lost. So to keep a safer side, always keep a backup plan for yourself and save the data in at least two different devices.
  • Post production: Once you are done with the shooting of the film, a lot of post productions are lined up. Everything ranging from editing to sound mixing must be done with due diligence as the final result depends on upon this process only.
  • Feedback: Don’t forget to take feedback from people. People can review them from the point of view of an audience and give you an honest opinion. The message that needed to be conveyed from your film must be clear to everyone.

These were some of the basics that must be considered while you are in the process of making a short film. Also, a word of advice from directors such as Mikael Marczak is always beneficial. Do visit the directors website for his opinions.