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Essential Things About Towing a Car

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Towing a car does not quite seem like a big deal, but, it could very well turn out to be the difference that lays in-between life and death itself. Being prepared while one is towing a car is an absolute necessity. Consider the following points that each one of you must keep in mind before you begin to tow a car with the help of some renowned towing Compton company.


Capacity to tow

The first and the foremost factor with respect to the towing vehicle that you must keep in mind is its capacity to tow. Remember, assumptions in this regard can very well be a trip downhill and you are likely to damage any of the vital parts of the vehicle such as either the engine or the transmission, or even the rear axle. If you want to DIY then have a look at the owner’s manual otherwise inquire with the dealer or the manufacturer.

Right Hitch

After the towing capacity is determined, the next most important step involves the section of the hitch. A tip, you can easily tow either a light trailer or a light vehicle with a heavier hitch but vice-a-versa does not sound like a good idea at all. Therefore, think a bit long-term and invest in a good quality hitch.

Brake Control

The majority of the trucks, SUVs along with the RVs these days are equipped with an electronic trailer brake control system. Some of them even might have the ‘quick plugs’ installed or the standardized brake controller. Now, why are they important? Apart from saving your lives, they help the vehicle along with the trailer to be in control. Electric brake employs electromagnets which have been proven to be way better than the air or the drum brakes.

Towing Methods

Briefly, the different ways to tow can be classified in the following forms –

Transporter: The car has to be completely placed onto the trailer.

Tow Dolly: The term is used when the trailer comprises a triangulated bar structure. The trailers are typically small and the four wheels are allowed to be on the road.

Towing four down: The easiest method for all those who are travelling with motorhomes.

Know the Laws

It is important to be aware of the laws of your region pertaining to towing as they are different everywhere. Visit your local traffic authority to get to know about them.

For any assistance, be it the installation of towing components or just an inspection of your vehicle, you can contact Towing los angeles company.