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5 Great Vegan Campfire Food Ideas

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If you’re planning on a campervan hire trip this year, you’ll most certainly be heading for an amazing adventure. However, depending on where you choose to visit, catering for vegan friends or family members can sometimes be a particular challenge – especially if you are relying on convenience stores with limited options, or traveling through remote regions that offer only standard culinary fare. Of course, great campfire foods and snacks don’t have to focus on big cuts of meat or freshly caught fish, and there’s a wonderful range of fantastic vegan options that you can cook with surprising ease. Simply pre-pack your key ingredients and then prepare your tasty treats as you watch the stars and sit beside that glorious fire. Here are five great food ideas for vegan road-trippers that we wholeheartedly recommend:

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

No campfire adventure can be truly complete without a tasty burger and the versatile Portobello mushroom can be a filling and incredibly tasty staple for any adventure into the wilderness. After seasoning to taste, grill the mushrooms for a maximum of 10 minutes and then add freshly-sliced tomatoes, red onion, lettuce, and vegan mayonnaise to create the ultimate, yet simple campfire burger. For those desiring a hotter experience for their tastebuds, jalapenos, tabasco sauce or Cajun spices can be added depending on the tolerance levels of your group members.

Packed Polenta Peppers

Packed polenta peppers can certainly pack a tasty punch when grilled to perfection. Healthy and nutritious, grilled polenta peppers are easy to prepare and an excellent side dish to burgers. After seasoning a bunch of polenta slices, cut a number of peppers of your choice in half (all colours work and they can be fun to mix and match), and then stuff each one with the polenta, onion, and diced tomatoes, before adding a few additional spices such as paprika or garlic. Complete by grilling to taste in just minutes.

Grilled Zucchini and Tofu Skewers

BBQ skewers are always fun at a campfire and they’re also blissfully simplistic to make. After chopping up zucchini and tofu squares that you can season to taste, add a combination of other tasty vegan options including onion, sweet potato, sliced peppers, and mushrooms. Once prepared, simply turn the skewers slowly to ensure that all sides of the vegetables are evenly grilled.

Sweet Potato Burgers

All campfire dinners should have at least two types of burgers and it’s no different for vegan campfires too. Sweet potato burgers can be a great contrast to the mushroom burgers we’ve mentioned above, yet they’re as equally flavoursome and healthy too. Sweet potato burgers can be prepared using a variety of different ingredients (avocado can be a great combination) and spices, and adding panko breadcrumbs for a crispier taste comes highly recommended.

Chocolate Bananas

Naturally, your campfire culinary experience can always be enhanced with a little desert to round things up! Simply slice a few bananas along their curved edges (facing upwards) and then stuff with dark chocolate before slowly grilling to create the perfect gooey mess. This will no doubt prove to be a vegan chocolate heaven!