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Accessing US music streaming services abroad – Best solution for travelers who love music 

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Downloading music is so old school now. The present generation music fans stream music from online music streaming services which provide a buffet-style approach. Despite of some drawbacks like the requirement of internet connection, poor quality music as compared to physical media and the fact that you don’t own the music, consumers seem to have fallen in love with the value proposition and convenience. As per a report, it has been seen that on-demand streaming services soared by a whopping 45% in the first half of 2015 as compared to 2014, increasing to 75.3 million streams. Meanwhile, sale of digital downloads plummeted 14% to $586 million during the first 6 months of 2015.


There are many who use US streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, ESPN3 and satellite radio to watch different sorts of content online and majority of the music is streamed from XM and online radio stations like Pandora. The problem arises when they leave the US and move into another foreign country, they find that the content is blocked. Don’t you think that when you’re paying for one such service like Netflix or Pandora or Amazon, you must be able to watch content anywhere in the world? Well, luckily enough, you can set up a VPN or use Smart DNS Proxy to access blocked content from anywhere in the world.

VPN – What is it?

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network and through this the users can gain remote access to data centers to which they aren’t physically connected. One thing you need to note down is that when you’re in Hong Kong, it is possible to use a VPN to deceive Pandora into believing that you’re in Chicago. Once you connect through a VPN service, your IP address gets transferred automatically. As soon as you’re connected through Chicago, your content again starts showing.

It is your IP address which speaks about your location and this is the reason why such music streaming sites block content once you go abroad. But by changing your IP address, you can trick those services and still continue watching content.

Setting up a VPN

While there are many services in the market, some are paid and some are free, you may choose a low-cost paid VPN service for obtaining secured and reliable connections and faster speed. Once you create an account, simply keep following the pre-set instructions and as soon as the account is created you can log in using a secure connection.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Though there are options of free VPN services which many have used, the only problem with them is that they’re slower connections which aren’t suitable for video or music streaming. You can therefore use HMA Pro for a few months and then upgrade to the paid version. It is reliable, fast and secure.

Change your IP address like an expert

Suppose you’re in Bangkok and you want your favorite American shows at home or access to streamed music, you’ll have to deceive them into thinking that you’re just a few clicks away. This is a simple method indeed and can be done by anybody. The HMA dashboard makes it easier to choose any new IP address anywhere. The best part about HMA pro is that it offers you thousands of IP addresses to select from and ultimately they will get you connected to the fastest option.

Henceforth, no matter where you’re traveling, you can connect your iPad, iPhone or laptop through a VPN and access all your favorite videos and music. Enjoy your travel experience by having your best music glued to your ears.