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Birthday Party Ideas For 60-Year Old

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When one ages, celebrating birthdays hold different significance.  They want to have something diferent from the past birthday parties that they have experienced.  Hence, 60th birthday parties are very important.  Such parties need to have the element of some uniqueness, meaning and not forgetting, the fun and interesting part.  Below are some 60th birthday ideas that are worth considering as it has the element, that special touch:

Movies Night

If they are movie buffs, this is an awesome birthday idea.  Organise a birthday with a movie marathon.  Do up the place in cinema setting and have a non-stop screening of his or her favourite movies.  Dim the lights, have free flow of coke, popcorn and nachos with cheese.  Do up fake ticket stubs for the guests.  Have some intermission between the movies, so that they can mingle with the birthday person and enjoy other snacks prepared for them.  End the party with a birthday cake and birthday song for the special person celebrating her 60th birthday.

Black And White Party

Birthday guys and girls in their 60 will prefer to have some nostalgic feel.  Having a black and white party is a sure way to inject this type of feel.  Doing up the birthday area with cool black and white, from the table settings to even the decorations.  Up the ante by even asking the attendees to dress in black and white, so that they can join in the fun as well.

Garden Party

If the birthday person has green fingers, like a cosy and intimate birthday setting. This is one good idea to consider.  The family and friends can enjoy good food placed at his/her very own garden.  They can either have potluck style or have a barbeque area, to grill tasty food and chill over drinks.  They can also decorate the place to his/her liking and even have music at the background to complete the atmosphere.  It is also a great way to bond.  This is one of the popular 60th birthday party ideas for mom who loves to attend to her flowers and plants.

With some of these birthday party ideas for 60 year olds in mind, you will have a hassle free time organising them.  Similar themed party ideas are worth considering too, most importantl, must ensure that the birthday person have time to mingle and catch up with his/her guests, as the human element is very important and will bring good memories when she reminicses her birthday parties.