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China Invests in Clean Energy

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Clean energy is also classified as renewable energy. It is keyed to this due to the renewable sources that it is generated from. Clean energy does not produce pollution since it comes from sources such as the wind and solar. Electricity and heat water are generated from these and it minimizes carbon emissions. It provides the same quality of power with having environment-friendly options.As a matter of fact, electricity production is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gases emissions. Renewable energy reduces the harmful effects not only on the environment but also to people due to the toxic and air and water pollution brought about by the electricity generation. However, the shift to clean energy takes time and investment to be able to see the long term effects. Climate change is the limiting factor in all of the actions taken nowadays. There is a lot to consider to act better towards the environment, health, and welfare of the people. Minimizing the use of energy creates an impact to all the possible harmful and permanent effects. Additionally, renewable energy is the more sustainable option to continue to use the energy products. Renewable energy takes sources in nature and it is regenerated in time without causing damage. Furthermore, health is to be considered and carbon emissions are not the only negative aspect of fuel-generated electricity. Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and mercury cause diseases in people who inhale the remnants of the produced fuels.

Clean energy is more beneficial to a nation due to advantages in prices, economic development, and reliable energy sources. China has ventured into investing to provide better options for their country. China is known to be polluted and the country has witnessed all the negative effects of their fuel-powered ways. The country has made efforts for cleaner energy by their investment in solar projects. The installation of solar panels has begun and has attracted businesses in this industry. It has opened opportunities for energy-saving capabilities. Moreover, it also caught the attention of the powerful countries such as the United States and the European countries. Although the former has allegedly decided to withdraw their support in climate change efforts, the latter has seen potential in the project. Each country has a contribution to the overall pollution resulting to the greenhouse gas emissions. China has the largest percentage of contribution of this and other nations have not seen their full efforts to be completely reliant on renewable energy. This resulted to a complication on trade between the US and China regarding the green industry product.

China and the US have long been having trade and has encountered ups and downs in their relations. During the Sino-Japanese War, it was affected negatively due to the Rape of Nanking which has particularly affected civilians from both nations as well as China’s economic situation. China was then aided by the US to revive itself from the catastrophic events. Since this challenge, the two nations have been working on their economic strategies individually. With few contributions from other countries, China and the US has been the most powerful. Additionally, they have a huge population, it can be concluded that the two are also huge on fuel generation.

The Southeast Asian country is pushing their technology to become more energy efficient and supportive of the environment. Their manufacturing capabilities are maximized and have earned other businesses through its growing solar panel production. Even Western companies are drawn to the solar products of China and it is a good sign for the country since the possibility of getting ahead in the industry is open. China has worked on a strategy that not only benefits their environment and people but also their economy.