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Choosing the Right Summertime Golf Academy for Juniors

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Summer camps are a great way to keep children busy during the time they are on vacation from school. Let’s face it: there are a million summer camps nowadays focusing on all types of subjects, sports and skills from drama, to cooking, to field hockey. In this vast array of choices for your child’s summer destination, one classic option often goes overlooked: a summer golf camp. Golf camps offer campers the opportunity to experience this incredible game that stands the test of time. No other sport teaches kids about respect, integrity, and good sportsmanship better than golf does. So, if you are thinking about enrolling your kid in a summer sports camp, you should seriously consider a golf academy for juniors.

Here are tips to help you select the right golf academy:

Coaches with Professional Golf Experience

You want your child to learn golf from the best and only those who have participated in professional competitive play can really provide that type of expertise. So it is important to ensure the instructors at the camp you choose have experience on a collegiate or pro level. Such athletes/coaches are highly proficient instructors,who are capable of catering to both the physical and mental training needs of a junior golfer.

Golf Academy for Juniors

Safety as a Number One Priority

Sending your child off to sleep-away camp can be difficult for everyone, so it is very important for both parent and camper alike that the child feel safe at the camp where they end up. It’s okay to ask questions. You may want to know how the counselors will ensure your child is safe and how you will communicate with your child once he or she is at camp. The camp’s policy should be very clear. The employees should have undergone required background checks. And every activity your child participates in should be carefully monitored. The importance of safety can never be understated and it’s an important consideration when choosing a summer camp.

Skill Development

Golf is a sport that goes well beyond learning the physical skills required to play the game. Personal development from character building, to communication, to sportsmanship, to mental acuity are all crucial aspects of golf training. Golfpowers the brain and gives children mental challenges, allowing them develop coordination, concentration, and strategy. Children are able to learn the benefits of discipline in the sport, discipline that can later be applied to their own life experiences. Golf also builds honesty and integrity. Furthermore, Golf provides a full body workout. Imagine walkingover 5 miles carrying a 35 pound golf bag.That’s a regular 18-hole round of golf and it’s pretty good exercise for the upper and lower body.

A golf academy for juniors can help your childdevelop great sportsmanship, fostering personal growth. There may be no other leisure activity like golf with respect to the physical activity, etiquette, and inspiration it can bring to a child. Regardless of the golf camp you choose for your child, you want to make sure they will have fun.The camp you choose should be able to give the child an opportunity to improve his or her game.And students with a passion and penchant for golf may even choose to play the sport in high school, college and beyond. A summer golf camp could be the first step in your child’s journey to joining the PGA!