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Without doubt, the beads are from the Czech republic in Europe and their production have been influenced by the world war and the industrial revolution of the 19th century which foresaw the development of machines that were able to produce molded and pressed glass beads in large quantities which meant a great reduction in the cost of production of these Czech glass beads. In the production process, there is a mold into which the glass rods used for making the beads are inserted and it is this mold that allows the resulting beads to be of different shapes (sometimes complex ones depending on the level of expertise) and sizes. Furthermore, the process allows for the beads to be colored with various combination of colors thus giving it a more elaborate and spiffy appearance.

All the molding, coloring and finishing has led to the production of different groups of Czech glass beads which include Czech glass flower beads, Czech glass aurora beads, Czech glass swirl beads, Czech glass Picasso beads, Czech glass satin beads and Czech glass fire polished beads with each being used in their unique ways in the production of different forms of jewellery. Czech glass beads are one of the most solid and reliable glass beads in the world which is why they are sought after seriously in the world and demand for them keeps increasing across the globe with each passing year. The beauty of Czech glass beads is their ability to be used in any form of jewellery due to the various shapes and sizes in which they come. They are thus ‘malleable’ and can be made to suit the purpose of an individual. Also, if you want to go for a contemporary look or a vintage look, Czech beads are your best bet in getting that done completely without being worried about the result because it is guaranteed to be perfect.

Another thing about Czech glass beads is that they can almost pass for gemstones due to their level of transparency and brightness which is part of the reasons why they are versatile and limitless in their uses. Recently though, there has been competition for the beads from Asia particularly China and Japan where they produce a glass beads similar to the Czech ones which has caused the demands for the Czech glass beads to reduce but all the same, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

In production process, there are five major forms of Czech glass beads and they are

Opaque- as expected, light is not visible through it and it is usually made of colors like jet, turquoise, red and white.

Transparent- these ones have light visible through them and are sometimes referred to as crystal glass beads as a result of their transparency.

Milky- these ones are translucent with a cloudy and diffused appearance.

Coral- These ones are opaque with a color that is not uniform and a swirl pattern that changes with shape of the bead.

Hurricane- these are combination of different colors of glass which can change appearance and swirl pattern depending on the kind of heat used for pressing.