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Different Types Of Finned Tubes

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If you’re unsure which finned tube you need, consider the range available at USEL Tubular Division.

There are various types of finned tubes, including welded finned tubes and integral finned tubes. The purpose of any finned tube is to increase the overall surface area in order to increase the transfer of heat from hot areas to cooler areas. An advantage of this is that fewer tubes are required, ultimately allowing you to save money.

Although all finned tubes are reliable, they are used for various applications, take the Welded Helical Finned Tube, for example, typically found in boilers and furnaces. Universal Supply Limited provide the welded finned tubes in a range of sizes and thicknesses, but with this said the thickness is dependent on the size of the fin. This particular finned tube has been designed to incorporate high frequency, hence why it’s been thermally bonded.

As well as this, USEL Tubular Division supply Helical High Finned Tubes which are renowned for their use in the repair of heat exchangers. These are also welded to withstand high temperatures and pressures and assist in the recovery of heat. You would use one of these for an emergency repair of heat that’s cooled. As with any of the finned tubes, the welded finned tubes guarantee excellent value for money.

Longitudinal Finned Tubes are yet another type of finned tube that Universal Supply Limited provide. The difference with this type of tube is that they offer suitability for multi-pipe heat exchangers and double pipe exchangers. As well as this, a longitudinal finned tube is useful for cooling gases and heating tanks. You have the opportunity at USL to choose whether the tube is straight or U-shaped.

Not forgetting Integrally Finned Tubes. USL have an extensive choice of high fin tubes; however, the Integrally Finned Tubes have low fins which make them slightly different to the others available. These tubes are still able to transfer heat to cooler areas but they are smaller in size and cost. It’s more affordable to buy an integrally finned tube because it requires less maintenance. Typical applications of this type of tube is for refrigeration and air conditioning.

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate finned tube, you can count on USEL Tubular Division for providing the most reliable advice. All of the finned tubes offer heat transfer, however, they are especially desirable for their ability to save space. If you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your heat exchanger or furnace, why not consider one of Universal Supply Limited’s robust tubes?

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