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DIY Techniques and Best Tips to Grinding a Tree Stump

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Cutting down a tree is not the end of your worries if you want your landscape to look smart. The labor involved in the tree stump removal might be high and most of the time not included in the tree removal. You can choose to leave the stump but that is not a good idea as it has several disadvantages. Local Atlanta based services such as atlanta tree crew are a good fit for this sort of task. It will attract pest like termites, wood boring insects which multiply very fast and might cause a major danger to your property or other trees in your landscape. Rats too can find shelter in the tree and when foods runs out they might invade your home. If the tree is hollow, bees can move in and cause a major threat to people especially children.

If the tree was cut down due to a disease, it is possible for other trees in your landscape to be infected.

Tree stumps are not attractive. They make the landscape look untidy and the funny thing is, even thou the landscape is well taken care of, all one will see is that old stump that was left behind after the tree was cut.

The tree stump can cause new sprouts to come up and they can be a nuisance especially when one is weeding. New sprouts will keep on coming up unless the stump is removed.

They can cause an accident. If the grass overgrows it is not possible to see the stump and one might trip over it without knowing.

Stumps are big and will take up a considerable amount of space in the landscape.

To avoid the above threats it is wise to remove the tree stump from your landscape as soon as possible. It is time consuming but with the right technique you can do it yourself without any sweat. The most important tools needed are a shovel and an axe.

Do it yourself stump removal techniques

Step one – Dig around the tree stump to expose the roots. Dig underneath all-round the stump to uncover all the roots and get to the tips of the roots. You can use other tools need be to get to the root tips.

Step two – Using your axe, cut all the exposed roots. You can use a saw if you have enough work space.

Step three – Pull out the pieces that you have cut. Try and pull all the roots out to the tips if possible.

Step four – After removing most of the roots you will now be able to displace the entire stump easily. Cut the remaining roots that might still be attached to the stump and get it out.

Step five – Finally the stump is out, fill the hole with soil to avoid the surrounding ground from collapsing. The soil will sink in after settling so you will need to fill up the hole after some few months.

Best DIY tree grinding tips

You can operate the stump grinder by following the manufactures guidelines. Make sure you have protective gear for safety.

Step by step guidelines of grinding a tree stump

  • Using the manufactures guideline, position the stump grinder and switch it on. It will grind the tree stump surface all the way down to the stump’s roots. To cut all roots, move the stump grinder around the stump’s borders
  • Remove the grindings with a shovel. Remove the wood so that the ground can fill up well.
  • Fill the hole with soil and add more soil over the months for the hole to fill up.

Before you start grinding, make sure you have read the manual guide well and if you have any questions, call the toll free number for assistant.