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Is vaping a Healthy alternative to Cigarettes? [Benefits and Downsides of Vaping]

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With the increased supply of the vape pens, vaping continues to gain popularity because many people view it as an alternative way of smoking tobacco cigarettes. For those who have shown interest in vaping, it is advisable to know its drawbacks and advantage of vape before making a decision. In this article, we highlight the key pros and cons of vaping [2016-2017] without nicotine of vaping in order to help potential users make an informed decision. Everyone have a question like is a vape bad for you?

Benefits of Vaping:

Reducing Chances of Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

The traditional tobacco smoking is harmful to human health and it can cause chronic respiratory disease. It pollutes the air and affects nonsmokers who are within the same environment. Vaping reduces exposure to tobacco and lowers the production of smoke to the environment. Health research has shown that a stick of tobacco cigarette contains hundreds of toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health. This is opposed to vaporizers, which eliminate all these chemicals and you must know about vaporizer pros cons.

Eliminating Bad Smell

Although smokers enjoy as they puff, nonsmokers around them are not ready to take in the unpleasant smell of tobacco. As opposed to tobacco cigarettes, the vaporizing liquid used in this context is scentless and does release any kind of smell to the environment. On the other hand, the vaporizer fluid inhaled is colorless and this eliminates the staining effect of tobacco cigarettes. Vaping does not involve any form of burning, which protects the skin.

Variety of Vapes Available

Vape Juice comes in different flavors so that they can satisfy different tastes of smokers. A person can choose a specific flavor such as menthol vaping fluid as their favorite as their favorite. There are also tobacco flavored vapes for those who prefer the convention cigarettes and have a vape habit. Irrespective of the flavor, the vapes are always scentless.

Downsides of Vaping:

No Government Regulation on E-Cigarettes

The main disadvantage of using e-cigarettes is the lack of government regulations on how to vape. For that reason, we can hardly tell whether the use of e-cigarettes is safe for human health or not. Currently, a person may buy e-cigarettes online without paying much attention to the potential limitations. Without the FDA regulation, there are unknown potential dangers of vaping.

Vaping Cannot Help Tobacco Addicts to Quit

Even though vaping is the best alternative for tobacco smokers, it does not help the nicotine addicts to quit smoking. Because it lacks regulation, it does not have specific standards of use. Some producers add a small portion of nicotine in the vaporizing fluid making it difficult for the addicts to quit.

Potential Health Risks

E-cigarettes have several potential side effects on humans such as the possibility of dehydrating. The vaporizing liquid is made using propylene glycol, which absorbs and retains water, and this dehydrates the body. Propylene glycol can also lead to allergies among people who are hypersensitive to it.