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Does Foot Orthotics Relieve Lower Back Pain?

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Does foot orthotics relieve lower back pain? It is one of the common questions you can hear about custom made orthotics Sydney by Orthotic Solutions Podiatry. Can it really relieve the pain from your lower back? How could it be of beneficial help?

Lower back pain is a very common condition, with almost numerous people suffering struggling from it. For many people with lower back pain, searching for an effective treatment or a set of treatments that offer effective relief from pain is such a trial and error process. Most of the available treatments do not always give an expected result for the patients.

This is where custom-made orthotics for shoes comes highly valuable and beneficial, as they correct an irregular or abnormal gait through realigning the ankle. They are typically made and prescribed by medical professionals to alleviate lower back pain, besides particular types of heel and foot pain.

The Proof

As a matter of fact, a new research that was performed by National University of Health Sciences entitled ‘Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial’ which was published in Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation last April 30, 2017 proved that custom orthotics can greatly help reduce lower back pain.

This study confirmed the connection between spine and foot. However, the main bottom-line here is that, utilizing custom-made orthotics can significantly help balance and support everyone’s feet which also aids support and balance the spine as well.

The Presumption Of Foot Orthotics To Lower Back Pain

There are mechanic problems in our feet that can negatively affect how we stand or walk. This eventually places pressure on our lower back, leading to pain. Such common foot problems that results in an irregular or abnormal walking and/posture pattern include:

  • Numbness in the foot or pain in the nerve
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Excessive foot supination (rolling out) or pronation (rolling in)
  • Bunions and buinionettes

Foot orthotics can help people get a healthy gait and posture. This correction allows the soft tissues in your lower back to restore to health, minimizing pain. If your ankle or foot experiences problem due to a compromised gait or posture, it may result in lower back pain, aside from pain in weight-bearing joints.

How Shoe Inserts Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Generally, foot orthotics or shoe inserts can improve posture, alignment and gait (the way a person walks). As have mentioned above, this gives your soft tissues enough time to heal so lower back pain can be reduced. What makes this device more appealing is that it can be your drug-free and non-invasive way to alleviate lower back pain.

Bear in mind that custom made orthotics are not similar to ordinary shoe inserts you can see out there. They are specifically designed by healthcare experts to address such mechanical problems of your feet. The device is just simple to use. You can either use them alone or along with other nonsurgical treatments.

These days, there is only restricted number of nonsurgical treatment alternatives for low back pain, and some of them may not offer the result you ever wanted. Often, many patients rely on custom made orthotics since they have few side effects and low-cost.

Podiatry fees and foot orthotics cost of Orthotic Solutions Podiatry are just within everyone’s means, so you can take advantage of what this device can offer for the overall pain relief of your lower back.