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Getting the Best Price and New York Pawn Shops

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As time progresses and the economy is still bouncing back from the recession, many individuals are finding the need to make financial ends meet. Not having a great credit history to fall back on can make it difficult for people to receive cash loans, so another option to one of the best New York pawn shops. Gold and silver prices continue to fluctuate but with these fluctuations, many people are able to receive cash loans from pawnshops for old jewelry that is lying around the house. Pawnshops do not necessarily limit the items that they take in either, so it is suggested that you always contact the pawnshop of your choosing to see what items they could use.

Selling vs. Loan

At any pawnshop location, you will always receive more money if you decide to sell an item versus taking a loan out. This is simply because you are relinquishing all rights and ownership over to the pawnshop and they in turn are going to resell the item. With loans, interest will accrue for the length of time that you want the pawnshop to hang onto your personal belongings. This is somewhat of a security for them that you will be back for your items. Instead of just giving them full ownership of your item, you will receive a cash loan and they are just going to hang onto your item as collateral. With loans, you will generally receive 10 percent of the items worth whereas when selling it, you would receive 20 percent of its true value.

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Know Your Loan Terms

With any type of loan that you receive, you should always read the small print and know the specifics of the loan terms. This will ensure that you are not going to pay an exorbitant amount of interest or ‘default’ on the loan and lose your item. With pawning items, typically you will have a months’ time to pay back the amount borrowed plus a little interest.

Shopping Around

Not all pawn shops will offer you the same amount for your items. With this knowledge, it is suggested to shop around the different pawnshops to see who will offer you the most for your items. Checking out an item’s worth on resale websites such as eBay will give you a good understanding – so you know what to expect. You should always keep a number in mind when you go to the pawnshop.

Offer High Quality Items

Items such as DVDs and video games are not going to pay out as much as a nice gold chain. Of course, you can pawn what you have, but the more expensive the actual retail price of an item (and the more unique), the more money you will receive in the end from the pawnbroker (generally speaking).

Have a good story to go with as well. If frequenting New York pawn shops is not your forte, which it may not be, it will be good to remember that a pawnshop is looking for something that is of great importance to you. The more important that item seems, generally the more money you will be able to receive from them (within reason).