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Install Solar Power for Schools & Non-Profits 

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Solar power is a use of the energy given off by the sun either by thermal energy or through the use of the photovoltaic cells that are in the solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass in order to generate electricity. Standard photovoltaic panels are the more efficient of the panels that are available. However, the photovoltaic glass will allow generation from the surfaces like building windows. The concentrated solar power utilizes multiple reflectors or lenses in order to collect more of the thermal energy.


 Two main solar systems that are used for schools and non-profit organizations include solar photovoltaic systems (PV) and solar thermal systems. The solar photovoltaic systems capture the solar radiation and then convert it directly to electricity to be used. The second type is solar thermal systems, which is designed to harness the heat from the sun in order to provide the heating of water and space heating, as well as cooling.

 Solar energy was utilized since the 1950s and is a very stable, clean, and abundant energy sources The United States has come of the very best solar energy potential in the entire world.

 Why Use Solar Power for Schools & Non-Profit Building? 

There are multiple reasons to use this type of energy for these types of establishments. However, there are there major reasons that they should be used.

Save Money: If the solar panels are installed it will greatly reduce the school and non-profits’ electricity bill significantly. In most places, the cost of the solar electricity is much lower than what the establishment is currently paying. Installing the solar panels are able to reduce the electricity bill largely, and with the lifespan of about 25 years, the panels are a great investment that will save millions of dollars for the establishment. 

Create Educational Situations: With the solar systems, the students of the school will be able to see and experience first hand how the sunlight is converted into electricity. The solar installations are able to be integrated into the building’s programs in order to expand on their lessons. 

Helps Our Planet:Solar power is a clean and renewable substitute versus the fossil fuel sources. It is free to given off from the sun. It also will never run out. Switching to the solar energy is one of the greatest changes that communities can make in order to curb the effects of global warming.

According to the EPA, generating the electricity will contribute over 1/3 of the greenhouse gas emissions in the US. Solar power is a completely renewable substitute for the fossil fuel. With the increasing concerns of our carbon footprint, as well as the mounting cost of our energy, the solar energy is a much more wise investment for people’s health and the health of our environment.

As you can see there although there are only a few reasons listed here, there is a tremendous of amount of benefits that solar power has to offer. There is a minimal fee that you will have to put down for solar power for schools & non-profits, but once the system is in order, the energy is free.