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Music Legends Interview with Bristol Kids Band

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Hi Jason,

Here are my responses to your interview questions for MUSIC LEGENDS, and a

little info about me and James. Thank you for this opportunity to promote Bristol


I’m Keri Walsh, lead singer of the North American Pop Rock duo, Bristol

Kids. The band is James, my British Canadian husband, and me, an artist from

Syracuse, NY. I sing and play bass, and James plays guitar and sings. We write

songs together, and love it!

What’s new in the world of Bristol Kids and Keri Walsh?

Bristol Kids is currently making demos for a new EP (Extended Player) called,

Warm Winter Nights or maybe Coastal Waters. The demo process is really fun

because that’s where we get to create a recorded blueprint for each new song

that we have written. When we start pre-production of our EP, we will use each

demo as a jumping off point to create a mixed and mastered recording that will

be published.

We are also planning to visit Nashville in 2016 where we will be performing live,

hanging with friends, and going to the Bluebird Cafe.

– How do you build a song up from nothing to become something?

Any song that we write starts as a musical or lyrical idea, or as new inspiration. It

becomes tangible when we talk about it, hum it, sing it, play it or write down the


– How important is it for a musician in this generation to spend time on social


I think that Social Media is an important way that a musician or artist can spend

their time online interacting with friends and fans. Connecting with friends and

fans around the world is easier. It allows us to expand creativity, meet new

people, grow our fan base and develop new opportunities. Sharing online is also

a way to grow as an artist.

– Could you describe some of your earliest influences in life and in music

Yes. My sister is about 6 years older than me, and as a teenager, she was way

into music. It was everything. As a young girl I would wake up to the sound of

Top 40 Radio, and after school I was exposed to the music of all of her fave

bands, like anything Brit Pop, U2, Sting and Sade.

I used to listen to whatever music was available, you know. But my sister was so

passionate about current popular music that I became passionate about it,

too. Songs became important to me as a way to identify with feelings, and

express myself. I became so taken with Top 40 Radio that I started my own

radio station in our living room, and wrote songs and commercials that I

performed on tape. “Cold Pizza” was a #1 hit! Lol. 🙂

– Do you have any tours coming up in the near future?

Yes. James & I are planning to record our new EP this year, and tour next

Spring and Summer in 2016.

– How much practice do you put in on the bass to keep up to date with your


Thank you for asking! I started playing bass in 2008 after a conversation with

James about the need for bass on our demo recordings. We were walking up a

mountain road in the California Sierras, and he told me about how Paul

McCartney began playing bass for The Beatles out of necessity, as did Adam

Clayton in his first group, before joining U2. Adam’s style includes Motown –

which also influenced Paul I believe. Bass is a real instrument. You gotta have it

for the bottom end of the sonic palette.

James said that Paul is a fantastic player, and his compositions are

melodic. That was all I needed to hear. Very soon after, I began composing and

playing bass tracks on our demo songs for what would become our debut album,

Wireless Dreams.

I love to play the bass. Somehow it is so accessible to me. I love the deep

sounds, making slides and fitting into the groove between the drums and James’

rhythm guitar and lead guitar. I practice regularly, but since I’m the lead singer,

and sing many of the harmonies, my vocals always come first. In terms of the

bass, I love it, it’s fun! For now, I’m composing on bass, and developing my


– When writing songs, is there a certain instrument you prefer for the creative

process? Have you always used the same method?

When I write songs with James, I usually use my voice and James uses the

guitar. Sometimes I will reference the piano.

– Your voice is a delicate instrument. How long did it take you to perfect it? What

do you do to keep it strong and healthy?

I agree that the voice is another main instrument. James and I are holistic about

our health, and knowledgeable about nutrition. We exercise 5 to 6 days a week,

and get proper rest. All this helps.

The way I perfect a vocal is to match it with the personal expression that I have in

mind. I usually work this out during the initial writing process. I feel that I

established my personal vocal style on our first album, Wireless

Dreams. However, my experience of my singing voice is that I’m always in

development, as the filmmakers say… I will always be looking for ways to keep

improving, and perform my best.

– Do you see a biography being written someday about the experiences you

acquired or will acquire in your life?

Yes. James and I have been through so much together developing our act, and

our songs. We are getting a fantastic response – so far so good. It’s better than

we hoped for. We have 500 new subscribers on N1M Music, and we hear from

fans with consistently positive messages. They are very encouraging and love

what were doing!

On the business side, we have some exciting plans in development, and I hope

to see things grow. One day we hope to tell our story as a feature film or

perhaps a book, I suppose. But we are telling our story every day on social

media. We are able to find fans that will stick with us.

Connect with us:



– Any words of wisdom to share with aspiring artists?

Keep going! Don’t give up. The world is just waiting for you to keep creating,

and share your best work. One other way to think of it is you give people the

chance to hear what you’re doing, and hopefully they have a really good time.

Share your talent, and shine!

“Crazy On The Islands” from Wireless Dreams by Bristol Kids.

The Clues” from Wireless Dreams by Bristol Kids. 

Original Source: Jason Saulnier’s Music Legends Magazine online.