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Must-Have Accessories For Longboard Owners

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Longboarding down roads, sidewalks, hills and college campuses have become a fashion, and everyone from celebrities to average Joes and Janes are doing it. Dancing longboards have become especially popular. However, the right accessories can make trips on longboards more enjoyable. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in longboarding, you will love to use the following accessories while taking a ride. These will ensure that you are safe and secure while riding your longboard.

Longboard Helmet

Wearing a strong helmet can keep your head protected from injuries. It is common to go off-balance and fall of longboards, especially in the initial stages. A longboard helmet having proper fit and quality can protect your head all through the ride. It is a good idea to always keep wearing one while you are longboarding at very high speeds. You can choose from different kinds of helmets in the market.

Grip Tape

Grip tape is important for longabords with any kind of setup. Some novelty boards and smaller cruise boards come without these tapes, and are to be used mainly for fun. These are not designed to handle the needs of serious riders. If you want to go on extreme longboarding rides, plenty of grip tape will be needed for controlling your board deck just as you would want. You would need sufficient grip tape to prevent sliding off the board while moving the feet at the time of riding.

Longboard Gloves

It is wise to invest in a pair of strong slide gloves before you begin longboarding. Such kinds of gloves are specially designed to protect the palms as longboarders slide down roads and prevent the skin from coming in contact with the asphalt while riding. During longboard rides, it is inevitable that the palm will touch the ground sometime or the other. In the initial stages, falling down from longboards can have your palms skinned badly. With gloves, you can prevent this from occurring.

Longboard wheels

These are specially designed wheels to accommodate various styles of longboarding. Hard wheels are quicker and can help you to slide more. Soft wheels, on the other hand, grip the surface and make you ride more slowly. The sliding ability of the wheels is determined by the durometer or hardness of the wheel. The gripping and sliding ability of the wheels are also determined by whether the wheels are hard or rounded in shape.

Longboard Bushings

Bushings are able to make long carves more comfortable and smoother in form. These are rubbery rings which are colored in vibrant hues and are placed in the mid-section of trucks. Generally, these are constructed out of urethane. Usually, there are dual bushings in each truck for longboards and skateboards. One of these is placed in the middle of the truck and allows flex for turning and springing ability for steering. Another bushing happens to be smaller and is located beneath the head of the kingpin. These are the most affordable parts of longboards and are able to make riding more stylish, fun and comfortable. Check out for more longboard information.