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Online Reputation Management: 3D food printer

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3D printing technology has evolved so much in just that past year. Now, you can 3D print your food and online reputation management is the one to show this product to the world. This 3D printer is specially designed to use an eatable substance in order to create food. The printer was created in Columbia University by Hod Lipson and his team. Lipson stated that cooking is something that hasn’t changed much from our prehistoric ancestors. We still cook over heat to create amazing dishes but if there is a way to incorporate a software to do the same or something very similar, why not create that as well. He thinks the way we cook is still primitive and needs to evolve somehow. Many would disagree but would definitely be open to using 3D technology to make dishes.

Online Reputation Management

He wants a machine that can be placed next to our toaster or coffee maker. Online reputation management believes that this printer can help people achieve their dietary requirements by printing certain foods that would have all those vitamins and minerals we need. Most people would agree that a majority of people on a daily basis does not intake all their daily requirements, this machine would help in this area. It won’t solve any dietary problems in society but it’s a first step that people need.

Many people were curious to how the product works and online reputation management was there to illustrate the product. The machine uses all kinds of gels, pastes, powders and liquid ingredients to print the food. With certain combinations, it can create thousands of dishes in just minutes. Lipson told online reputation management that they need to find a way to market the product to people who are busy and work more than they sleep or spend time with their family because they are the individuals who will need this particular machine.