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What are Platform Lifts Available for Wheelchair Users?

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Rather than old-fashioned wheelchair ramps, wheelchair users now have access to an array of platform lifts which make light work of transportation between levels. Level Access Lifts supply platform lifts to meet the demands of a wide range of customers. Those who have reduced mobility could benefit from a wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair users have the opportunity to use platform lifts that are within public and private buildings. Instead of discriminating against disability, a platform lift works ever closer to achieving social cohesion, not limiting anyone’s access to products and services.


Require less space.

Where space is limited, inclined platform lifts are ideal. The user experience of an inclined stair lift is safe and smooth, with the lift ultimately enabling disabled people to move easily from A to B! If you have minimal space available, the inclined lifts require less space, as they can be folded away to enable access for other members of the public.

Multi-purpose lifts.

A wheelchair lift for stairs can be used by various individuals. It offers suitability for those who are disabled and those who are elderly and less stable on their feet. With this in mind, platform lifts can serve a range of purposes, although they are designed to cater for the needs of wheelchair users.

Semi-Enclosed lifts.

A semi-enclosed lift can enhance the overall aesthetics of the space. Level Access Lifts can tailor the design of their platform lifts to suit your individual needs and requirements. Semi-enclosed lifts are practical and simple, they allow wheelchair users to access all areas within their home, with ease. Wheelchair users often state how dependent they are on their wheelchairs; however, a semi-enclosed lift can provide them with their own independence, reaching areas that are on higher or lower levels of a building.

Open vertical platform lifts.

A wheelchair lift can be designed to suit the environment and to blend in with the surroundings, making it more enhancing to the installed space and respecting wheelchair users privacy. The open vertical platform lifts are highly reliable and with the expertise of Level Access Lifts, you needn’t worry about your platform lifts offering anything less than the best functionality.

Increased mobility.

A wheelchair lift for stairs is available from Level Access Lifts in a wide range of sizes. The simple installation of platform lifts is quick and easy, your wheelchair users will be able to reach various levels in no time. In addition to this, a wheelchair lift allows users to remain in their wheelchairs where they would have been required to climb out of their wheelchair and attempt the stairs (aided or unaided) previously.

Don’t hesitate to find out more about Level Access Lifts platform lifts!