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Prefabric is the Most Fashionable Building Type in Turkey Nowadays  

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It has almost become difficult for those living particularly in big cities to take a fresh air. With the rapid development in construction sector and with the impacts of urban renewal projects it is now of great importance to find different construction solutions for the urban people. We can see regions of prefabricated buildings extensively in many developed countries whereas prefabricated buildings in Turkey is very rare.


The only prototype of prefabricated construction is in Başakşehir of İstanbul where you can see a district consisting of prefabricated houses, villas etc. As well as this you can see prefabricated camp buildings in some rural areas where people prefer for vacation such as Aegean coast.  With the development of the technology, it is possible to have prefabricated buildings with more economical costs in a very short period of time. As it is highly expensive to buy a new house people know prefer to buy a land and construct a prefabricated house on it. If you make a good selection you have a very nice home just within two months. One of the most significant reasons for the choice of prefabricated homes is that their prices are more economical than concrete homes.

Other Advantages Of Prefabricated Houses

The advantages of prefabricated houses is not limited to their price advantage or quick installation. Besides they are resistant to earthquake and heat and voice insulation is very good which makes them preferable.  Furthermore, it is possible to find single-story prefabricated house models as well as available double-decker model with the same spesifications. In İstanbul Kumburgaz, Selimpaşa, Silivri, Çatalca, Pendik, Tuzla regions are the areas where these type of constructions are most commonly preferred.


Future outlook of the Sector and Prefabrik Yapı

For those who want to commune with nature, the best preference is the prefabricated houses. In the near future prefab contruction will be much more preferable. Prefabrik Yapi is aware of this fact and increasing its production capacity in the sector with high quality and innovative designs. To have a more detailed information about the sector leader company in prefabrics see the websit on