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Protecting what protects you

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Protecting telomeres is one way for you to ensure that your health is in good hands. These are protective caps (like aglets, the plastic ones at the end of your shoelaces) that protect your DNA. Telomeres shorten over time whenever your cells replicate but knowing how to control your telomeres length can be better.


One such way on how to determine your cells age is by applying for a telomere testing. You can find out if your telomeres lengths are your supposed length for the age group that you are in. shorter telomere means you are doing something not right. But if your telomeres are long, then great job! You do you!

Control how well you’re aging

After finding out if you are in danger or not, you must follow some kind of rules to change your bad habits for the better. You can ask for some expert advice who knows all about telomeres well and what you can do to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It won’t be hard as long as you are capable of disciplining yourself and you’ll be happier in the future than you are today. Determining if you are sick or not is the same as determining if your telomeres are short of not. Make the right choice and you won’t regret it.

Short Telomeres as a sign of illness

If you have short telomeres, this means that you have to act on it fast. Ever wonder why it’s easy for your body to get sick? It’s because your cells can’t fight back the bad bacteria in your body because they die immaturely. You can prevent this by avoiding bad habits like too much alcohol or smoking, and unhealthy and processed food. You will see the difference after a few months once you start and there’s no going back.

Is measuring Telomeres worthwhile?

Of course, it is. People who have tried telomere testing have since improved their lifestyle by doing exercise and by eating what they are supposed to eat in order to protect their health. You can control how you live especially if you know what you are facing and it’s better to know the truth than avoid it. At least you have an idea on what to expect and you know why you feel the way you feel. It can improve not only your health but also your mental health. Discipline and control goes hand in hand. It’s just a matter of how you face it and look for solutions to make you better. You can ask for help or do your own research if you’re too embarrassed but always remember that it’s for your own sake.

Being informed and alert can get you a long way especially if it concerns your well-being. You should probably consider looking into the possible solutions that you can do in order to protect your telomeres and the DNA that it protects. Be sure that you are set in trying this out and be ready for the results because good or bad, you have time to change your bad habits for the better.