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The Rules for Hosting a Great Tailgate Party

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Football season is right around the corner – that means tailgating season is about to be in full swing! Tailgating makes football even more fun. You have an additional reason to celebrate football when you get together with fellow fans hours before in anticipation of the big game.

The most hardcore fans travel for miles to tailgate before their favorite team’s big games. It is an exciting tradition they wait for all year. Tailgating is just as much fun as the game itself. If this is your first time planning to tailgate, we’ve got you covered with what you need to host the ultimate tailgate party.

TailGate Party: Tailgate Sports

The Basics: Tent, Chairs, and a Grill

The most basic tailgates all include these three essential items. You must have some form of shade if you are tailgating during the day or if there is a chance of rain. If you have an RV, you plan on using an RV awning or shade. If you are not bringing an RV, you need a tailgating tent.

Then, you must have chairs or some sort of seating for yourself and others. You are going to want to sit down at some point – tailgating is a marathon event! In addition, if you want others to join you at your tailgate, you need to sit out some extra chairs. Extra chairs and RV patio mats announce you are ready to welcome others to your party.

You cannot forget the grill! Some of the biggest and best tailgaters bring full size grills to cook barbecue, but if you something as simple as a camping grill, you will be fine.

Finger Foods and Cold Drinks

No tailgating party will last without food and beverages. It is the main thing people want to enjoy while waiting for the game to begin. Plan on a providing a wide arrangement of finger foods and appetizers. Tailgating, drinks, and food bring people together.

Tailgating food is not fancy – but it should be tasty! Plan on food that is easy to eat sitting or standing. Think along the lines of burgers, brats, wings, and dips. You should also have a cooler full of your favorite beverages – and plan to share them.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Want others to join you and leave thinking this was the best tailgate ever? Make it fun! Make sure you have a great music playlist ready for before the pregame begins to get the mood set.

Don’t be afraid to show your spirit with all the passion of a crazy fan! People are drawn to the tents and RV’s that are decorated like they are ready to cheer the team on. This also includes wearing your flashiest team gear.

Finally, bring along some tailgating games. The tailgates that are most well attended include popular games such as cornhole and ladder golf. Invite others to play. Have a friendly competition. There is no better way to get ready for the game than to play some games!

We have no doubt your tailgate will be a hit if you follow these simple rules!