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Gas Safety Certificate – Very Important

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Owning a property needs many things to run the livelihood smoothly and along with a good conditioned home and working pipelines in bathroom, a gas is counted as the most important thing because you can live without taking bath for several days, but not without having food.

But do you think that owning gas as a form of energy to cook food solves it all? Then, you are obviously mistaken as there are many things that come into the consideration while you own a gas in your property and the most important is the safety. Obviously, working around gas is dangerous and, but with the fact that you can’t do without it makes the safety the most important things. This intake the considerations like is your gas leaking? Does it have broken pipes? Is something wrong with the piping and flaming? To have all these facts assured, you must have a Gas Safety Certificate.


What is a gas safety certificate?

Well, this question has been asked many times and it is mandatory for everyone owning a house to know.

A Gas safety certificate is basically a report that is given by the gas engineer to ensure that a property using a gas abides by all the regulations and safety procedure associated with the use of gas. It legally documents every details start from your gas installation to any sort of faults. The engineer after checking the desired criteria pens down all the details and suggests if you need any repair.

Even if you have given your house on rent to someone else, it is your duty to ensure all the safety related to the gas in your property. The procedure many times is known as the Landlord Gas Safety.

Things you ought to do if you are a landlord

  • Ensure the safety of the gas.
  • Repair and maintenance of the gas pipe and appliances and make sure that they are in the safe condition.
  • Ensure to conduct an annual safety procedure of every gas appliances in your property.
  • Have a copy of the landlord safety certificate for at least two years.

Another important thing that you must care about when conducting a gas survey process is to hire a gas engineer from a reputed firm that will provide you with the authentic gas safety certificate. There are several you can find near your locality, but ensure to hire the most reliable and authentic one.