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Maintaining Asphalt Parking Lot With a Houston General Contractor

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A car park that is in good condition showsa lot about you and your home. The parking lot is the first thing your visitors will come across the moment they visit your home or office.  It is, therefore, important to maintain your asphalt parking lot to prevent cracks, holes, patches, dirt and other things that can ruin its appearance and appeal. When planning and constructing an asphalt lot, it is necessary to consult and use a professional and reputable paving company to do the job. A Houston general contractor can provide you with a team asphalt paving personnel who are devoted to meet all your construction needs and guarantees quality work. Here some of the tips you can use to maintain your asphalt parking lot:

Regular inspection

Keeping a close eye on the asphalt pavement will help locate areas where problems may arise. You will be able to take action before the problem has aggravated.  Cracks and holes can be prevented from getting worse when they are repaired right away. This will drive the cost of maintenance down. It is important to monitor the lot after a short period to reduce chances of further damage. Small cracks are sealable, unlike fully developed cracks. When water seeps down through the cracks, it can lead to the development of holes. If the cracks are large, the chances of potholes developing will also be high.

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Ensure it is clean

Regular cleaning of the parking lot is necessary to keep it in good shape.  Cleaning will prevent the lot from fading hence it will maintain an attractive appearance. Accumulation of dirt can prevent you from identifying a problem that is setting in, such as a crack or a pothole. You should make a habit of sweeping the compound regularly to prevent dirt from destroying the surface of the asphalt. Regular cleaning will also push away stagnant water if your lot has a drainage problem. Water can destroy the pavement when it stays for long by causing cracks.


Sealcoating will help maintain the asphalt lot in good condition for a long period.  You should try to sealcoat your lot after a particular period, like after three years to maintain a good attractive appearance. The sealant should be applied at the right weather conditions to ensure that it sticks. You should not apply the seal during a rainy period since it will not cure and adhere properly. You should also avoid parking on the lot right after you have done the sealing coat. It is best to give the seal ample time for drying.

Changing the parking design

Another proper way to maintain your parking lot is through the change of the parking design. You can choose a different entryway into the lot, other than the point where the wheels have regularly been passing.  When the wheels use the same path repeatedly, the ground can become weak, which may result into cracks or holes.

Paving services form a vital part of your daily life. When looking for paving services, quality and efficiency should be the important things to consider. You should go for a Houston general contractor with long-term experience to do that job for you.