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Today, hair loss(What is hair loss) is a common problem and irrespective of gender this problem has affected both sexes. There are several reasons which could trigger hair loss like change in weather, pollution, unhealthy food habits, and busy lifestyle and off course genetic reasons.

Irrespective of thick hair or thin hair, who is not scared of hair loss? Hair loss due to thick hair who do not want to do? We have to try several ways to get healthy and shiny hairs. One of the easiest ways, is to eat the fruits. Here are some of the fruit that prevents the hair losscompletely. But one thing which you have to understand that, instead of having artificial or preserve fruit juices, go for fresh fruits.

Hair loss is a big issue, which if not taken care at the right time, can led to hair loss. Hair loss beyond an extent can cause baldness, which is almost irreversible. After baldness, hair transplant is the single way through which hair can be regained. People often worry about hair transplantation cost and its result. But don’t worry hair transplantation is very effective and affordable procedure to get hair back. As per cost concern, India is top most destinations for hair transplantation due to its low cost and world class hair transplant facilities. In India cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Jaipur and Kolkata are providing this hair transplant facilities at affordable cost, but among these cities, hair transplant cost in Pune is most optimum one when it is compared on cost and result parameter

Fruits to prevent hair loss:


Fruit #1. Strawberries

Strawberry juice is replete of many beauty and health properties. Silica is an essential mineral which is found in abundance in strawberry,which stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness. Eat a bowl full of strawberry to improve hair health. This fruit is available during the months from December to March and to make the most of the advantage of this fruit is to eat it in the squash form.


Fruit #2. Apples

There is a saying that eat an apple daily and you don’t need a doctor, and the same thing applies to your hair also. The apple is very good for the skin and hair. Never remove the rind while eating the apple. The peel contains essential minerals and fiber. In addition to this, apples contain vitamins and antioxidants which are important for hair health. Include apples in your diet everyday. While buying apples, keep this as a note that never buy apples which are brighter in color as they has been brightened by wax.


Fruit #3. Grapes

Grapes are also beneficial in reducing hair loss. Similarly grape seed oil also prevents hair loss. Eat a handful of grapes. Grapes contain vitamins, antioxidants and natural sugar, your body will remove the toxic elements and will help in the growth of hair health.Another feature of this fruit is that it increases the blood circulation in the scalp and stops hair loss.


Fruit #4. Oranges

Oranges contain vitamin C in large amounts. At the same time, it is also high in antioxidants, magnesium, beta Keratin, and fiber and contain Flavonoid. Eat more oranges in evidence and raise its health benefits.

Indian Gooseberry

Fruit #5. Indian Gooseberry

For a long time, Indian Gooseberry (or Amlafruit) is best used for to prevent hair loss and to strengthen them. For using Amla, crush it in to pieces and make the powder of that after drying them followed by grinding them. Now mix it with coconut oil and apply the mixture to hair roots and in a few weeks only, you can find the result as healthy and shiny hairs.


Fruits #6. Lemons

Lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C which is very essential to keep your scalp hydrated. By consuming adequate amounts of vitamin C, you can always keep your scalp healthy and this will eradicate dandruff from your scalp. The uses of lemons are not restricted to diet plan only, if you mix it with mustard oil and apply it on the scalp for half an hour, followed by washing with a mild shampoo and this will give you dandruff free scalp.


Fruit #7. Berries

You can find many kinds of berries around you. You will be surprised to know that the fruit makes your hair roots strong and prevents the hair loss. This fruit is very high in bio flavonoid and help to stay away from the problem of hair loss.


Fruit #8.Peaches

Peach is a fruit that contains many vitamins that are very good for the health of your hair. You can consume this fruit with breakfast, eat at noon or at any time along with any kind of food. They serve as an excellent hair mask. Take out the pulp out of thePeach and apply it on the scalp and hair for 10 minutes, followed by washing with a mild shampoo in cold water.


Fruit #9. Papaya

You must be aware of the health properties of the papaya. One of these is to prevent hair loss. For this you will need a papaya. Remove the seeds and cut the peel and half papaya. Mix 3 teaspoons of honey in a pulp. Use this mixture to your hair and scalp skin. After being dried (usually in one hour) wash with cold water.


Fruit #10. Watermelons

Last but not the least, watermelons which are an excellent source of hydration and also it’s seed are very good for hairs. Watermelon juice is also very good in treating your scalp also. Squeeze the watermelon juice and apply it on your scalp and hair. With the help of your fingers, spread the juice on the scalp and wash it after 10 minutes.