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Beaches of Formetera that offers plethora fun

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Spain has some best beaches of the world but what has made these beaches spectacular is the budget price of the beach fun which has made these places a merriment hub in recent days. This low budget and quality entertainment feature have added to the tourism value of the place.Formentera of Spain offers some of the best Formentera beaches that will allure travelers anytime of the year for exotic aqua life at low cost.

Playa Illetes

Platja de sesIlletes is situated at 4km from la Savina, situated on the headland de Trucadors between Punta des Pas and Platgeta des Carregador.This beautiful virgin is one of the best Beaches Formentera is characterized by the fact of being a compact premise.It is made with fine-grained white sand, it offers gentle slope (maximum depth of 1.5 meters) and its orientation is toward the west.

Playa Llevant

Those who enjoy pleasant bay-watch, the beach Playa-Llevant is one of the ideal sea beaches for them. Located on the northeast coast of Formentera, the beach allows sunbathing or nudists. There are many old salt pans available here that offers excellent shelter for nudists where they can enjoy sunbath and protect their privacy. However, sea bathing is not recommended here as the sea offers high waves and strong currents because of heavy wind here.


Situated on the West coast of Formentera, at a short distance from San Francisco, CalaSaona is a small, deep horseshoe-shaped bay’s sandy beach. The beach offers clear turquoise water and picturesque landscape, and a peaceful ambiance.

The water depth is not very deep, rather shallow and that makes the water warm due to straight sunshine on bay. In the interior of beach some rocky inlets are available which will allow you to do some private bathing. Apart from fantastic bay watching facility, the beach houses hostel, a lovely beach bar and some good quality restaurants.

El Tiburon

El Tiburon beach is situated in the middle ofIlletes and La Savina beaches, but surprisingly, it remains quiet and serene even during the peak travel season.

Guests will find here long row of pine trees providing cool shade even under scorching sun, and it is a wonderful spot to enjoy the sight of sailing yachts to and fro Ibiza.There is an excellent restaurant name “El Tiburón” : it is expensive too.

These are some of the best sea beaches in Island of Formentera; before you visit Formentera, Spain check all details of the island about its beaches from reliable resources.