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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Options For Roofing Of Your House

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Going green and clean is now the best way to survive the threat of global warming. Keeping a pace with this clean and green revolution, now you can make your roofing completely eco-friendly. Read here 5 options for making your roofing eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Make your roof white in colour

One of the simplest ways for adding an eco-friendly feature in your home’s roof is installing a while coloured roof. Instead of white colour, you can add tan colour also. This is a simple change but it has the long lasting effect of energy efficiency and adding cooler effect to the inside of your home.

You can add solar panels

If you think that your roof is sturdy enough, you can add a solar panel on the roof top. This will help you to generate alternative energy for your home’s use and you can earn money by selling the surplus solar energy by supplying at the grid.  Adding a solar panel to your roof is an excellent way to produce clean energy that will reduce your dependency on traditional energy as well as it will help you in maintaining the clean and green environment.

Metal roofs are a good eco-friendly option of roofing

You can install a metal roof on your house as this kind of installation can help the roof in reflecting sun ray and that keeps the interior of the house cooler during the daytime. Metal roof lasts for long and it is cost efficient an option too. You can contact Michigan roofing contractors for installing a metal roof and setting it in right way.

You can install clay roof tiles

A clay-tiled roof is an energy efficient way for creating eco-friendly roofing for your home.  It absorbs heat and keeps the interior of the home cool and comfortable.  However, you need to hire one of the best Dearborn Michigan roofing contractors to get the job with the best exactitude.

Green Roofing

Green roofing is one of the energy efficient options for setting an eco-friendly roof. It is setting a green garden on the roof top to keep the house cool and it will help you to produce oxygen to purify the surrounding. However, you need to hire an expert roofing contractor to inspect the roof and to decide if the green roof can be installed on your rooftop.

These are some of the tips for making your house roofing eco- friendly. However, it is best to hire an expert roof contractor in Michigan to get the job done with the best precision.