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The Most Unforgettably Adventurous Ways to Travel

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Travelling the planet is always an adventure but what if you want to add even more spice and pleasure to it? There are some amazing ways to travel that will give you an unforgettable adventure and some fantastic stories to tell in the years to come.

Which of the following approaches is most likely to be something that allows you to build the best memories of your lifetime?

Set Off With No Plan

Can you imagine the feeling of leaving home with only a very vague plan in mind for where you are going? Taking things one day at a time while you are far from home is an intensely liberating experience for anyone.

Maybe you will stay for a long time in one place or perhaps you will flit from one city to another on an almost daily basis. You won’t know until you get there and see how you feel.

The sense of taking a step into the unknown means that this form of travelling is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to shake up their life a little. If you are bored at work and want to live life on the edge then this is just about the best way of doing so.

Charity Challenge

Just make things up as you go along but be sure to stay safe along the way. Doing some basic research on the dangers of each place and using common sense is vital with this approach.

Take a Charity Challenge

The thrilling idea of taking on a charity challenge is sure to add a lot of pleasure to your life. By travelling to somewhere exotic and doing some fun activities you will make this one of the best trips of your whole life.

Another of the great things about this type of travelling is that there is a great sense of anticipation. Because you will book your place ahead of time you can spend months looking ahead and wondering what it is going to be like.

There are charity treks and cycle challenges available all over the world so you can travel like this on a regular basis if you like. What better and more rewarding way is there of seeing a lot of the planet?

This approach also has the huge added benefit of seeing you doing something extremely worthwhile for the world. You will get a massive buzz out of raising money for a worthwhile cause as you travel and have fun.

Work Your Way Around the Globe

Working as you travel from one spot to another is another form of travelling that has a lot going for it. For a start, this allows you spend more time travelling and perhaps go to more places than your budget would have otherwise permitted.

Around the Globe

When you work in a foreign country this will also give you a wonderful opportunity to find out more about the local culture and people. For UK citizens, getting a working visa for Australia or New Zealand is an easy way of doing this that could change your life.

If you live in the European Union then it is also simple to move from one country to another to see what jobs are on offer in each of them. This is a fantastic way of living and can open up your eyes to what places are really like.

Teaching English is a popular way of working and travelling but it is far from the only option. You could also work in a bar, harvest fruit, get an office job or do whatever is available and that you feel comfortable with.

Travel Solo

Many people go through their entire lives without ever experiencing the thrill of solo travel. The truth is that this is an amazing way to see the world on your terms.

With no travel partner to discuss matters with you are free to do whatever you want whenever you want to.  This means that you can finally get to enjoy every single minute of your trips as best you can.

Taking selfies in front of world famous monuments, eating alone while reading a good book and living life to the full are all unforgettable experiences.

Travel Solo

Of course, some countries are safer for solo travellers than others, so a bit of research beforehand won’t go amiss. In general terms, solo travellers can go anywhere and do anything more easily than a group can, though.

If you have a burning desire to see the world then why not do it in the most exciting way possible? Travel the planet in the way that best suits you and it is something that will turn into one of your most cherished memories.