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Why Use BNB Stretch Velvet

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Getting the right clothes for the right occasion is very important. There is nothing more embarrassing than being underdressed or overdressed. However, shopping for clothes can get very expensive. Especially if you’re looking for high-quality dresses, pants and blouses, this means a heftier price tag.

This is why learning the basics of sewing can be the most economical solution. Materials are way cheaper than having to buy ready-made clothes. Plus, the sewing process can be enjoyable and therapeutic.

One of the most important steps in sewing is picking out the right cloth for your project. Arguably, one the most popular choice is stretch velvet. BNB offers a wide-range of BNB stretch velvet for you to choose from.

Still unconvinced? Below are just a few reasons why stretch velvet should be your choice for that sewing project!

Plenty of designs and styles you can choose from

One of the advantages of purchasing this material from BNB is that you have a wide selection of stretch velvet to choose from. From bright neon prints for a night on the town to more muted dark colors for special events, there is a stretch velvet fabric for you.

Stretch Velvet

High quality material for a cheaper price

Stretch velvet looks very similar to the actual velvet. However, BNB stretch velvet provides a deep and rich color that can complement every piece of clothing that you plan to sew. It is cheaper than velvet with the same look and quality!

Convenience and comfort

Unlike the actual velvet, stretch velvet is infinitely more comfortable. It breathes and it allows for movement. With this, BNB stretch velvet can be used for more active clothing and formal attire options. If you prefer fabric that has a quality and expensive look without being stuffy and dense, stretch velvet is a great alternative.

Easy to Maintain

Velvet requires dry-cleaning. Opting for otherwise would destroy the fabric and ultimately your sewing project. For stretch velvet, you have the option to dry-clean or to hand-wash and line-dry. Not only are you saving money by choosing to sew your own clothes, but the maintenance is also significantly cheaper. Like sewing, all you need is time and effort, but the result is far more rewarding and satisfying than buying pre-made velvet clothes.

Easy to Sew

For a beginner, it can be disheartening to spend a lot of money on velvet only to mess up the sewing process. Experts agree that velvet is one of the toughest types offabric to work with. Consequently, stretch velvet can be sewn pretty smoothly. Again, you are getting the quality and impressive look of velvet with the tediousness, price and up-keep of the actual fabric.

We understand that deciding to start sewing can be overwhelming. This is just one way of getting the best out of your hard-earned money to have high-quality velvet clothes. Nevertheless, BNB is dedicated to providing you with high-end fabrics for every sewing project you plan to do. Reach out to us today to find out more of our options!