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Why Use A Stainless Steel Hose?

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If you’re looking for advanced flow solutions that you can trust, look no further than Proflex Hose. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Proflex Hose is bound to find a reliable solution for your business; take our range of stainless steel hoses, for example.

What is a steel hose used for?

A stainless steel hose offers suitability for you if you are looking to move fluids or gases with ease. A steel-hose performs seamlessly and doesn’t expand when it comes into contact with immense pressures. For a high-quality stainless steel hose- choose Proflex Hose!

Why you need a stainless steel hose?

Well, Proflex Hose provides a range of hoses for absorbing unnecessary movements and vibrations. A stainless steel hose is ideal if you’re within the gas, oil and hydraulic industry.


One of the main reasons you should use a stainless steel hose is for its ability to withstand high temperatures and corrosion. If a hose can withstand extreme conditions like so, it’s more than likely to last longer than other type of hoses and provide your business with constantly, reliable performance!

What is PTFE Smoothbore?

Proflex Hose has PTFE Smoothbore products, which are stainless steel braided hoses, custom-made to your needs. An advantage of the PTFE Smoothbore is that they can be used from -70°C up to +230°C, which is symbolical for how effective these hoses perform!

Why this steel hose?

The PTFE Smoothbore is resistant to chemicals which make it even more desirable. Whether you’re looking for flexibility or minimum expansion, Proflex Hose provides a range of hoses that offer suitability for an array of applications.

You needn’t worry about cleaning the PTFE Smoothbore because it has self-cleaning properties. This ultimately allows you to receive excellent value for money and to maintain the hose for a longer time period.

A stainless steel hose is more reliable than any other hose, purely for its longevity. With a stainless steel hose, you can expect it to last significantly longer than the likes of a rubber hoses and other materials.

Despite the stainless steel hose seeming expensive, Proflex Hose guarantees you receive excellent value for money because the economic benefits quantify as time goes on. The need to repair and replace a hose is reduced when you buy a stainless steel hose, therefore you can save money in the long run!

To summarise, if you’re undecided about which Proflex Hose suits your needs best, consider the stainless steel hose or the PTFE smoothbore for a reliable advanced flow solution. As well as this, stainless steel is recyclable therefore it doesn’t only provide economic benefits, but environmental benefits too!

All our stainless steel hoses are tried and tested before they go on the market, so rest assured Proflex Hose provide you with only the highest quality!

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