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Ways To Control Diabetes

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Diabetes can be a life threatening issue if not treated from the very early stage. To control diabetes one has to be very careful regarding the food and other habits. Diabetes has become a very common health hazard around the globe. It is very unfortunate that curing diabetes is very tough but the good news is that, it can be controlled is a proper lifestyle is maintained.

According to Dr.Naram, one has to follow the ancient therapies to keep diabetes under control. A healthy and proper diet, ayurvedic treatment and ancient remedies can jointly help a person to manage diabetes. Dr.Naram has gained his huge knowledge from his mentor Baba Ramdas. He is motivated to bring the natural remedies in very home.

Along with the ayurvedic treatment and ancient healing processes you need to help yourself to control the disorder.

  1. No smoking – Insulin is a must for any diabetes patient. Do you know that body resists the intake of insulin if you smoke? Be it stress or anxiety, you just can’t smoke. Giving up smoking can be very hard, but to save yourself from further trouble, you will have to let go of this habit.
  2. Regular exercise – A diabetes patient needs to keep the weight under check. Regular exercising will help to bring down any increased weight. It will even help in better blood circulation.
  3. Eat healthy, avoid fat related foods – A diabetes patient needs to reduce the intake of salt, excessive sugar and any fat related foods. All these are dangerous for health. It is recommended to avoid too much junk food or take away food, as the salt and sugar contains can never be measured. If you are suffering from diabetes, try to restrict yourself to lot of fruits and home cooked foods.
  4. Reduce alcohol intake – It is not an unknown fact that, alcohol increases weight, which can prove to be a dangerous situation for any diabetic patient. Alcohol even boosts the blood sugar level. It is better to avoid a little luxury for a healthy life ahead.
  5. Be concerned about your vision – Diabetes can result in blurring of vision and blindness. It is better to consult an eye specialist regularly. In case of any uneasiness, your eye doctor will suggest you what to do.
  6. Feet swelling – Diabetic patients need to check their feet regularly. Diabetes can damage the nerve of feet. If lifestyle is not managed properly, the blood circulation will not improve and feet the most vulnerable spot which will get damaged.
  7. Reduce caffeine intake – Quick stopover at the coffee shops has to be controlled. The sugar used while making a cup of coffee can result in a fluctuation of the glucose level in your body. Don’t avoid going to coffee joints just reduce it as much as you can.

The ancient healing therapies like meditation and yoga can manage diabetes. Pankaj Naram has used these remedies for many years. He has found success with thousands of people. If you are suffering from diabetes and want to control it in a proper way, consult experts like Dr.Naram who can help you to recover from it.