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Ways on How not to Mess Up taking Anavar

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Anavar only cycles are most typically attempted by beginners who want to start taking a steroid. They mostly preferred this drug in order to ensure that they can tolerate the results of this drug and avoid some side effects. It is a kind of steroid that can be used alone for up to 8 weeks to give your muscles the ideal lean look and for cutting fat. This cycle can be used by both men and women. However, the cycle length and the dosages will be different for each of these groups. As a responsible drug user, you should be aware and understand the doses to be used, its results, the PCT or Post Cycle Therapy, and the best cycle length to make use of.

The Characteristic of the Anavar only Cycle

 Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone. It is famous for its 4 particular characteristics.

  • Anavar is not toxic
  • It is not also Androgenic
  • It is only a mild Anabolic
  • Anavar is specifically gentle on the HPTA or Hypothalamic Testicular Pituitary Axis

However, there are numerous of misinterpretation encircling Anavar. Most of it is due to some rumors and conjectures. You may just take a look at its characteristics more clearly. It may come as no surprise that this steroid is very mild in your liver when compared to any other oral steroids out there. In fact, it is known to the bodybuilding community as the mildest steroid nowadays. It is also popular with the athletes for lean muscle preservation of tissue while decreasing the fat of the body and for boosting linear growth. The result of your muscle gain will be permanent as long as you are using the right post cycle therapy and cycle routine.

What really Anavar is 

Although the Anavar is generally used also to lose body fat and weight safely and quickly. It is also categorized as a non-narcotic drug and is prescribed medication for treating incapacitating health conditions just like osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS. Likewise, there are also other improving weight of the body levels following chronic infections, extensive surgery or severe trauma. This drug is famous for athletes that are preparing for an event and attempting to lose weight.  Anavar is known for the use of bodybuilders for their cutting cycle. It will protect you from losing the gains you have from other mass building steroids that works better in bulking session. 

What to Gain and Expect for this Drug 

The drug is not accompanied by increasing levels of estrogen. That’s why it does not lead many bad effects like other steroid does. However, it is often stacked with other drugs that are performance enhancers. The physiology of women is more sensitive compared to men so does the recommended dosage.  It’s higher for men and lesser for women. Abused by the drug may lead to liver enzymes and atrophying testicles. The gains of this drug make it so popular and widely used by many. There is some retention of water involved but studies state that some of the gains will last after using it and you will enjoy it in a long time.